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August 18, 2016
Victor Valley Transit Cultivates Services 'Connecting Community to Opportunity'

The agency’s Route 15 service linking Barstow to Victorville has gone from being a three-day-a-week “lifeline” providing access to medical services to a six-day-a-week intercity route, which recently began using 40-foot, ENC-branded CNG buses to accommodate demand.

Ford unveils plans for driverless car fleet by 2021

The SAE-rated level 4-capable vehicle will not have a steering wheel or gas and brake pedals. It is being specifically designed for commercial mobility services, such as ride sharing and ride hailing, and will be available in high volumes.

New Flyer to deliver first bus with Cummins Westport's near-zero engine

The ISL G NZ CNG engine will be used to power a New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 bus for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

What to Look for When Choosing a Vehicle Wash System

To keep both fleet and image squeaky clean, some key factors to consider are combining brushes with high-pressure water systems; knowing how many vehicles will need to be washed both today and tomorrow, and finding a system that is easy to use and maintain.  

Man says Winnipeg buses still not accessible for vision impaired

Every bus in the fleet is supposed to be equipped with a "Next Stop Announcement" feature that gives a visible and audible announcement about upcoming bus stops, but the the announcements sometimes don't play or are too quiet to hear.

Man charged for hopping on subway tracks for Pokémon Go video

Toronto Transit Commission spokesman Brad Ross said Mark Correia, 20, has been charged with unauthorized access on subway tracks, which carries a set fine of $425.

MBTA rail workers to test 'bionic' eyeglasses

Field mechanics will use AR smart glasses so they can communicate with expert technicians in its main maintenance facility to speed up train repairs and reduce the disruptions they cause.

Mich.'s The Ride set to launch service improvements

The fixed-route and paratransit service improvements are part of TheRide’s Five-Year Transportation Improvement Program approved by voters and continues TheRide’s promise to create more ways for citizens to connect with jobs, school, appointments, shopping, and family and friends.

Lightning Hybrids delivers vehicles to NREL, Denali National Park

The system equipped in the vehicles is a parallel hydraulic hybrid system that has no electric batteries and instead applies a hydraulic system to the driveline of a vehicle to regenerate braking energy.

Community Transit to add 17 Alexander Dennis 'Double Tall' buses

Four of the new buses will replace aging 60-foot buses that serve the Seattle commuter market; the other 13 double deckers will be expansion buses to accommodate new service.

SEPTA Pulls Out All the Stops to Transport DNC Attendees

The recently adjourned 2016 Democratic National Convention put Philadelphia in the national — and international — spotlight once again. For the third time in four years, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority transported thousands of visitors to the City of Brotherly Love and its surrounding counties. As with the U.S. Open in 2013 and the World Meeting of Families and Papal Visit in 2015, public transit was a key component for all event activities.

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