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October 6, 2014

NYU imagines future of transportation

The four include in automated highway in Atlanta, “tiny Google pods” in Los Angeles, on-demand BRT in New Jersey and autonomous bikes in Boston. full story

U of Wash. adds 'Commute Concierge'

The program is designed to assist students and faculty with planning their commute, following large service cuts that were made by King County Metro Transit. full story

October 6, 2014
SF State students look to increase bicycle usage

Following a survey of students at the university, the classes report recommended new bikeways to make students’ commutes safer, as well as providing more secure and convenient bike parking. full story

October 3, 2014
Experts Say 'Good Jobs Are No Longer an Afterthought' in Transportation Spending

Highlighted a national trend of city and state leaders harnessing billions in public transportation spending through a new, innovative U.S. Employment Plan – an incentives-based approach to reward manufacturing companies for creating high quality American jobs, hiring and training diverse workers, and investing in U.S. factories. full story

September 1, 2014
Fleet Solutions: Tips for Designing a CNG Fueling Station

You've made the decision to transition to compressed natural gas (CNG) for your vehicle fleet - understanding CNG station options is your next step. full story

October 6, 2014
Fla. International students unhappy with hot shuttle conditions

The company that runs the shuttle service is using a limousine after its shuttle bus broke down, but the rides have been uncomfortable because up to 25 students are trying to cram into the vehicle at a time. full story

September 26, 2014
Tucson streetcar ridership exceeds expectations

By the first week of September, the streetcar was averaging roughly 5,000 per day, and continues to have a high volume of riders. full story

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