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December 8, 2014

Student group aims for inter-UC campus bus system

The Associated Students of the University of California aims to expand upon the existing Berkeley-Davis shuttle, a part of the UC Fleet Services. The shuttle charges $11 for a one-way ticket and uses university-owned buses. full story

Univ. of Md. student groups push for hybrid buses

The Department of Transportation Services currently has four hybrid buses and buys about eight new standard buses each year, DOTS Director David Allen told the paper. full story

December 8, 2014
Fresno State students trend toward alternative transportation

After finding that about 10% of students live within a mile of campus, Traffic Operations is looking into improving bicycle access, creating specialized parking for carpooling and improving convenience of buses. full story

December 5, 2014
Time is On Our Side With Automated Vehicles

A man climbs into the cab of a tractor trailer, hauling himself into the massive driver’s seat and shutting the door behind him as if settling into a captain’s chair. The steering wheel is massive, evoking the wheel of a mighty sailing ship even at it protruds from a dashboard covered in electronic controls and sleek digital displays. The driver engages the engine and, with a few button presses, the truck rumbles to life. Watching the scenery pass by out the driver’s side window, the man p full story

December 5, 2014
SEPTA Inspires Students with 'Dreams in Transit' Exhibitions

At three different locations, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority commuters have had their daily commutes brightened by a splash of color and inspiration from the "Dreams in Transit" displays. Each display was created and curated by The Dream Flags Project, an international program for student empowerment and global awareness. full story

December 5, 2014
Iowa officials eyeing intercity bus service, ridematching

The two-way intercity bus service would be geared to working commuters, offering power outlets and wireless Internet. full story

December 4, 2014
Solar roadways, 'Internet of Things' to shape highways of the future

As well as highways evolving, the report foresees that patterns of ownership will change in the coming years, with commuters more likely to purchase access to a vehicle rather than the vehicle itself. full story

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