September 18, 2019
Metro: Rail Transit

London Underground taps passenger-screening tech to detect knives

Technology works by showing the size, shape and location of any concealed items that block a person’s body heat.

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NY MTA proposes historic $51 billion to modernize bus, rail systems

Proposed investment is by far the highest in the MTA’s history, increasing spending on infrastructure by 70% over current levels.

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Transit tech now in national security discussions

The arguments for transit as national security policy have long ranged from energy independence that come with transit investments to transit’s role in arresting climate change.

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NY MTA's managing director, Hakim to depart post

Hakim has spent three decades at the MTA over two separate stints, with her resignation coming during a tumultuous period at the agency.

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FTA announces $19M to support transit oriented development

In order to apply for program funding, an applicant must be an FTA grantee.

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Seattle moving forward with Center City Connector streetcar project

In the coming months, agency will be updating the design specifications for streetcar vehicles.

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MBTA begins replacement of Chelsea Commuter Rail Station

Serving the Newburyport/Rockport Commuter Rail Line, the current station is inconvenient for transfers to other modes of service.

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NJ TRANSIT submits revised financial plan for Portal North Bridge Project

The moves comes after feedback from FTA and U.S. DOT on a previous submission, making more local money available for the project while keeping costs in check. 

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