January 22, 2020
Metro: Rail Transit

NY MTA unveils first look of next-gen subway cars

Board approved the $1.4 billion contract award of 535 R211 cars to Kawasaki Rail Car Inc. in 2018.

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L.A. Metro report details challenges faced by women riding system

The women who responded to Metro’s survey identified safety concerns as the top barrier to riding transit.

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BART to launch ambassador program on trains for safety, security

Uniformed personnel will be equipped with radios to report safety and security concerns or biohazards.

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D.C. Metro advertising agreement locks in 25% more revenue

The ten-year contract, awarded to OUTFRONT Media Inc., is valued at more than $336 million over the next decade.

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How transit agencies can leverage new mobility

To help solve connectivity gaps, potentially win back transit riders/ expand to a broader market, and propel a culture shift toward multi-modalism.

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Mobility report finds L.A., Miami travelers have longest commute times

People in almost every city said top reason that would get them to use public transit more often is accurate and reliable arrival times.

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